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The Center for Applied Behavioral Science (CABS) combines MDRC’s decades of experience fighting poverty with insights from behavioral science. We take on pressing problems that our partners want to solve, using behavioral insights, design thinking, and technology to improve the way social programs are designed and services are delivered.

Our Approach

Our Results

We helped students take more summer courses to keep them on track for graduation.

We helped parents without primary custody of their children learn their rights and obligations through meetings with child support case workers.

We helped individuals qualified for a program similar to the federal Earned Income Tax Credit learn about the requirements and earn incentives.

We helped parents eligible for public benefits reengage with their county welfare-to-work program.

What’s New

The OnPath project facilitated a powerful combination of people and knowledge by bringing together college staff members from 13 community colleges with operational knowledge about administrative barriers, evidence from rigorous MDRC research about what helps students persist in college, and facilitators from MDRC’s Center for Applied Behavioral Science. Learn more about the project and the behavioral insights that are being used to help improve the student experience in the first post in this blog series.

CABS builds on MDRC’s 45 years of designing, delivering, and evaluating effective interventions.


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