Behavioral Science and Research

Whether you need a workshop to introduce staff members to design thinking or a multiyear engagement to rethink an entire system, we have the team and experience to deliver.

Behavioral Solution Design

No one knows a program better than the people who run it and use it. CABS can enhance that knowledge with tools and mindsets informed by behavioral science that can generate solutions to sticky problems. Working with partners and within resource constraints, we listen and observe to understand processes, uncover the needs of staff members and participants, and design tailored solutions to meet those needs.

Data Analytics

We avoid assumptions about an organization, its staff, or its participants. Instead, we collect information to understand a problem and design a solution, drawing on existing data and creating new data tools and perspectives.

Impact Measurement

We measure success by whether our codesigned solution improves outcomes compared with the status quo. This simple question — is the new intervention better than current practice — is actually easy to get wrong without the research expertise that CABS can bring to a project. We help our partners understand what happened with an intervention and why.

Workshops and Training

CABS is committed to building and expanding the capabilities of our partners. We offer a suite of services to help our partners think and act like behavioral scientists. These training events, workshops, and practical learning opportunities can help experts burnish their skills and give a new toolkit to (and occasionally blow the minds of) people who have never even heard of behavioral science.