Data Analytics

Our team is experienced in wrangling and analyzing all types of data organizations may have on hand. We have extracted and analyzed data from a wide range of management information systems and have particular expertise in integrating data from different sources to offer a complete and coherent depiction of an organization or a process.

But our partners don’t always have all the data they might want. We support them in designing and implementing new data collection systems that integrate into existing streams of data. Likewise, our team can design and field surveys and generate information that can be turned into action.

We are versed in the latest quantitative analytics techniques. And more importantly, we can support clients in identifying the approaches that make sense for their problems and can deliver results transparently, so that anyone can understand the numbers and what they mean.

In many projects, CABS combines quantitative research with qualitative field work to enrich our understanding of the program. We bring the same rigor and attention to this qualitative work as we do to our quantitative data work. Our behavioral scientists can support partners in devising interview and observation strategies to uncover participant and staff attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions.

Finally, CABS regularly partners with MDRC’s Data Collection Unit and Center for Data Insights to expand our already robust capabilities. A central advantage of building CABS within MDRC is our ability to draw on the decades of experience and deep subject-matter and technical expertise here.

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