Impact Measurement

CABS and MDRC have an unparalleled track record of helping governments and organizations figure out what works using randomized controlled trials. MDRC was founded more than four decades ago to generate the best available evidence on the impacts of a program, and we have not stopped. Our careful and complete studies give our partners information that they can trust and act on.

When measuring impacts, we also help our partners understand fully the context of the results. We not only demonstrate the difference in outcomes between a solution and the status quo, but can also provide critical information on differences in direct and indirect costs. These cost data are crucial information for organizational leaders and policymakers.

Sometimes, the numbers tell the whole story. But often for a decision-maker, understanding why something happened is as important as understanding what happened. CABS and MDRC can complement our impact research with detailed studies on the implementation of new solutions. These studies can identify factors that limit or promote the success of the intervention. This information can underpin cycles of iteration that continue to improve the intervention and build on the experiences of staff members and participants.

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