What Is "Clarify?"

Once the problem has been identified, CABS clarifies the context and scope of the problem identified during the Define step. The goal of the Clarify step is to develop a more nuanced understanding of the problem using both qualitative and quantitative data sources.

Key Activities

During Clarify, CABS collects and analyzes qualitative and quantitative data, conducts literature reviews, and develops a process map. Qualitative research activities may include:

  • conducting interviews and focus groups with participants and relevant stakeholders
  • observing participants and stakeholders navigating a program or process
  • reviewing relevant documents

During quantitative research activities, CABS collects and analyzes different types of data, including but not limited to participation, cost, and administrative data. Literature reviews are also conducted to help CABS understand the research landscape related to the problem.

If the problem involves a process, CABS develops a process map, or a visual representation of the steps in a given process, to identify “drop-off points,” or places in the process where participants may fail to advance to the next step. Qualitative and quantitative data are used to substantiate any misalignments. Together, the qualitative data, quantitative data, literature review, and process map help CABS understand the factors contributing to the problem.