Schools help people escape poverty.

And CABS uses insights from behavioral science to clear barriers from their path. We partner with educational institutions from cradle to career: Head Start programs, primary and secondary schools, community colleges, and statewide departments of education.

This collaboration takes many forms. Working teams of researchers and practitioners use data to identify problems and inform solutions. Perspectives from students, staff members, and parents are combined with administrative and outcomes data to provide a comprehensive view of educational operations and opportunities to intervene. The team then pulls insights from the field of behavioral science to identify barriers to student success. CABS will either design and test a behavioral solution or conduct workshops to help institutions define and address the identified barriers themselves. Ultimately, we employ evidence-based methods to build institutions' capabilities and clear the way for student achievement.

We are using behavioral science to explore school choice and selection in secondary education, access to higher education, success in meeting academic benchmarks, transfers to four-year colleges, and degree completion.