Parent-Child Connections

Increasing opportunities for low-income families can improve the lives of both parents and children.

CABS collaborates with a range of partners to improve engagement in programs that help families achieve their goals. We work with federal, county, and community organizations to understand behavioral barriers that affect program success and codesign targeted solutions with program teams. 

Families can have complicated goals and needs. Parents may want to participate in available programs but need to balance competing priorities, and may miss out on potentially valuable opportunities. Participation in Responsible Fatherhood programs, for example, can foster the well-being of children and parents if individuals keep up with the curriculum. Other services, like child care subsidies, can benefit families by allowing parents to dedicate time to their own employment or education. But applying for and renewing child care subsidies can be one more item on a long to-do list. Insights from behavioral science can help parents get to that item.

Lessons from the BIAS Project

Helping Parents Navigate Their Child Care Options

The BIAS team worked with Indiana to design tests focusing on two points in the child care process: when parents are applying for the program and when they must renew their eligibility.