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Rekha is the Director of CABS and is a Senior Fellow at MDRC. She brings to CABS nearly a decade of experience in rigorous evaluation and solution design in partnership with government agencies and education organizations, and serves as principal investigator for multiple field experiments. She also works with partners on behavioral diagnosis, intervention design, and finding the right evaluation approach to measure an intervention's effectiveness. In 2019, Rekha served as a fellow with the federal Office of Evaluation Sciences, where she worked with federal agencies to design and test interventions to improve outcomes for agency staff members and clients. She also serves on the board of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness.

Rekha earned her PhD in the economics of education from Stanford University. Before joining CABS, she worked as associate director of the Center on Universal Education, served as a Fulbright scholar in Guatemala, and worked for several years as a journalist. Rekha has also spent a summer in every continent except for Antarctica.